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11 Apr 2023

New website

Dear friends,

Welcome to our new, modern, virtual home of the Cultural Society of Kymi, which, taking advantage of the capabilities of technology, intends to communicate with you without any limitations brought about by distance or time.

This dynamic, immediate, two-way communication promises a better understanding of our purposes and an enhancement of our cultural horizons.

By starting up this site, we expect you to visit it, to be shown around it and to talk about everything in our beloved Kymi, its cultural history and its folklore heritage. We hope to include in our communication everything about its past, present and future, about new ventures and achievements. Our basic purpose being to preserve and also make known to everybody and everywhere the traditions and beauty of our area.

The creation of this site is a waypoint for our Society, equal to that of the edition of the newspaper ‘Coumiotica Nea’ (Kymi News) in 1984. This paper covered the needs of communication, enlightenment and local information of our fellow citizens in a very responsible and comprehensive way. This is why our site includes a special section about ‘Coumiotica Nea’, where you can read it in its digital form, to travel back in time and remember and think about everything that happened, of any content, serious or commonplace, from 1984 to 1992, when the paper was not published anymore.

Besides that, the visitors to our site will have free access to all archival material of our Society, which can be used by anybody wishing to research the history, folklore and even genealogy of Kymi. This significant amount of data will be gradually enriched by photos, videos, manuscripts, titles of books and original multimedia material, which will be available to every user. The visitors-users of the site will be able to ask for any piece of information they are interested in –and they can also offer their own material to enrich our archives and so take part in our cultural development.

Some of the themes of our site are:

  • The Folklore Museum (a virtual tour is offered)
  • Digital Repository
  • Cultural activities of our Society
  • Kymi
  • Communication

We hope and believe that our site will offer the ability and a very powerful motive for our compatriots, wherever is their place of residence, to indulge and take an active part in our campaign to make known our cultural heritage. If the aims of our site are successful, it will be the greatest reward for our efforts to create it – and the ones needed to maintain and enrich it.

Nicholas Piteros,
Chairperson Cultural Society of Kymi



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