Cultural Society


The Cultural Society of Kymi was established in 1976 , and is a non-profit organization, a legal entity of Private Law, registered with the Ministry of Culture Registry of Cultural Associations.

Its aims, according to its Statute, are the close cooperation of its members o achieve the further cultural, educational and tourist development of our town and surrounding area, so that it will be better known in Greece and abroad. In addition, we endeavour to create a bond of both moral and material cooperation of the members and the rest of the citizens in any project and activity which will benefit the town and the surrounding area in every possible way, working, if needed, with similar societies and groups of the area.

In the years of its existence the Society has so far:


  • Created in 1981 the Folklore Museum of Kymi, which has been in operation ever since.
  • Formed the Cinema Club of Kymi in 1982.
  • Established the Museum Library, with books and other printed material relating to the history and Culture of Kymi.
  • Repaired and developed the Chrysanthopoylos house in the village of Pyrgos, to be used as a branch of the Museum of Kymi.
  • Has organized and presented significant exhibitions in cooperation with State Museums and Cultural and Educational institutions of our country and abroad.
  • Has Published books, cards, posters, slides, CD’s and DVD’s, thematic calendars (1977 to present), and the newspaper ‘Coumiotica Nea’ (1984 – 1992).
  • Formed in 2000 the Mixed Choir, which has been giving concerts in Greece and abroad.
  • Has presented recitals and concerts of classical and Greek music as well as theater performances.
  • Organized visits of its members and friends to archaeological sites, museums and cultural activities.
  • Presented a great number of scientific lectures and film projections in its theater.

Our Society numbers about 150 active members and is governed by a seven-person Board which at present is:

  1. Chairperson: Nicholas Piteros
  2. Vice-chairperson: Catherine Galani
  3. Secretary: Garyfallia Triantafyllou
  4. Treasurer: Catherine Mitsibona
  5. Member: Anastasia Morou
  6. Member: Charalambos Spanos
  7. Member: Demetrios Tolgou

Since the beginning of our Society there have been four chairpersons: Antonios Trimis (1976- 1978), Christos Theodorou (1978 – 1980), Evangelos Stamou (1980 – 1982) and John Adamopoulos (1982 – 2020). The late John Adamopoulos, the previous Chairperson has left part of his property to the Society. His Will is being executed by the Province.

The Society is financed through the membership fees of its members, admission fees of its activities, government grants, and citizens’ donations. All activities are organized and run by the volunteer participation of its members and the citizens of the area, who have always supported our efforts.

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